Limitless Photography, LLC: Blog en-us All images and content (C) 2012-2017 Jaime Donais - Limitless Photography, LLC (Limitless Photography, LLC) Wed, 19 Jul 2017 17:51:00 GMT Wed, 19 Jul 2017 17:51:00 GMT Limitless Photography, LLC: Blog 120 120 Seymour Needs a Home Today I had the honor of photographing a *very* sweet pup named Seymour.  

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue is working to find him a permanent family, but for now he's part of a great foster family and they are providing him all the love and attention he needs.  So happy I could help this great organization and Seymour!



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MOTHER'S DAY / SPRING MINI SESSIONS 2016! I'm SO excited to announce Mother's Day mini sessions this year!

Our theme is spring picnic and the sessions will be done outdoors, with terrific props and fresh flowers. This is the perfect opportunity to capture some sweet moments with mom & kids (fur babies included), or a multi-generational portrait!  Dads - this makes a great gift for your wife or mother, or consider joining in too for a springtime family portrait!  All orders placed within 5 days of session are guaranteed delivery by Mother's Day!

With each session you receive an online gallery where you will select ten (10) images.  Those selected will be delivered on a CD or USB drive along with ten (10) 5x7 prints of those images, and two (2) identical accordion mini books. <awesome for gifts!>

Receive a referral bonus of $25 off your session for every friend that books and completes their own session with Limitless Photography, LLC.

If it rains, we'll reschedule all sessions for April 16 & 17

BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY!  call or email - limited sessions available each day
Sessions will be held at a private home in Lucketts

and check out this video from one of last year's spring mini sessions!


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Betcha Didn't Know I do Boudoir Sessions! Oh yes, I know Valentine's Day has passed, but who needs an excuse to get dolled up and
have some sensual portraits done??  They make a great gift for anniversary or wedding!

Hair and makeup can be added for that extra bit of pampering and glamour!

Contact me for details; sessions are at your home, or in my private studio
(with an option of outdoor/wooded scenes included)

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Holiday Photos Were a Hit! I had a great time photographing several families this holiday season. Here's just a sample
of the gorgeous images we captured during the sessions!
(I had to delay the sneak peek to give folks time to mail their holiday cards out!) 

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End of year gifts make me happy! Just a little peek at some of the thank you gifts I'm sending out to my clients this year..  

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Luke... Future Jedi I met this sweet little boy, Luke, who I'm told has Star Wars in his blood.

I'm so happy this family opened their doors to me, I was able to take some wonderful photographs of him!

(The Force is definitely with him!)



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Newborn Mackenzie This little precious just stole my heart!  She slept *almost* the entire session and
gave me the opportunity to capture a number of wonderful images..

... and Mackenzie's big sister was so proud of her new baby sister!  She wanted to help as much as she could!

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Just a week old... Brooke I visited a really sweet family today and while the house had cats and dogs I would love to photograph, I was there to photograph week old Brooke and her very helpful big sister Emma Rose.  I loved watching Emma Rose with Brooke, she was gentle, yet timid, and very proud! Hearing her ask to hold her just touched my heart.

Brooke is gorgeous with her pink, round cheeks!  I'm so happy I had this opportunity!  Thank you F. Family for inviting me into your home and allowing me to capture your fabulous littles!!


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A wonderful mom and her two girls It was an absolute pleasure photographing this mom and her two favorite kids (yes, fur-babies count!).  They came to my home where we had the perfect natural scenery and weather for the session, it was a truly wonderful day.

Beautiful Grace


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Mother's Day Mini Sessions!

~Mother's Day Mini Sessions~
May 2 & 3  (rain date May 16 & 17)

Give all the moms in your life the gift of a family photo session, gorgeous photographs of the kids, frame one for grandma, or bring grandma along for that heirloom multi-generational shot you've always wanted.  Even better, moms, treat yourself to Mommy-and-Me session and capture some sweet moments of you and your little ones! (kids and fur babies of any age are welcome)


Sessions are at an outdoor location in Leesburg, VA
Appointments every half hour beginning at 9am
Call or email today to reserve your spot - limited number of sessions available!




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Ms. K and Hope  

It's not every day that I have the opportunity to photograph a beautiful woman and her dog, so today was a lot of fun!


We took a morning walk through the historic streets of Occoquan, Virginia.  It was an adventure for Hope and me - I've never visited there before and Hope found plenty of new things to explore.

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Introducing Amelia...  

Amelia was born early, but thankfully, is thriving at home now.  

It was a challenge photographing her with sweet brother-dog, Baxter.  I caught several sweet moments though, so I am thrilled.

I even managed to capture some smooches between mom & dad, images like that just make me happy!

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Paradise Springs Winery ~ Clifton, Virginia  

What a beautiful winery!  I visited here as the second half of a photography class organized by REI and it was amazing.  Our small group enjoyed a tasting of their signature wines and then were shown the aging room, where barrels were shelved four high and many times that deep! 

It was a gorgeous day and I'm thrilled to share these with you.



]]> (Limitless Photography, LLC) Fine Art Winery Sun, 29 Jun 2014 23:45:00 GMT

Just one word...


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My daughter and me On Saturday my daughter and I were waiting for the Metro to take us home after a quick dinner with family that was visiting DC.  When we got on the train and found a seat, a young man sat in the seat in front of us, said excuse me and showed me the back of his camera.  Unbeknownst to me, he had taken a photograph of me holding my daughter as a train flew by us.  I am rarely the subject of artistic photographs because I'm usually the one behind the camera so it was really awesome to see what he had shot.  He was kind enough to email me the image and allowed me to edit it. 

Thank you for taking and sharing this awesome photograph, Anurag Singh, and best of luck with your photography, I think you're off to a great start!

Photograph courtesy of Anurag Singh

Photo courtesy of Anurag Singh 

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Meet Morgan! This itty bitty was SO precious!

She preferred snuggling with her momma but I was able to capture some lovely images for this sweet family.

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Happy 1st Birthday Armaan!

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In late March, I was approached by the director of a local Montessori school about photographing her staff in a "not-so-posed-school-picture" kind of way.  We ended up having dreary and drizzly weather that day, but these ladies smiled through all of it.  I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with each, learn a little about who they are, and why they love their jobs.  I admire their great care in preparing our children to be strong and independent as they step into a very unpredictable world.

Here are just a few from that morning!  It was an honor to record a moment with each of these very outstanding women.

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Little Prince This little prince has been long awaited by his mom & dad...

I met his mom a few weeks ago when she came to my home for her maternity portraits.  As we chatted during the session, I learned just how special this little guy would be once he arrived.  And when I photographed him at six days old, I could see how much both parents absolutely loved him.  Not just a little prince, but a precious gift!  Welcome Mason, you are so very loved.

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Sophia - 7 Days New! Today I photographed this beautiful 7 day old sweetie, Sophia.

It was a great morning with this family, they were gracious and kind, and I'm so happy they shared their new daughter with me.  I even captured a few giggles between mom & dad - I can't tell you how magical it is when I catch those moments... Such a beautiful family!

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