Hi,  I'm Jaime - as you can probably see, I prefer being behind the camera.  My transition from photography hobby to photography business was after my daughter was born.  I was a new mom, so I was exhausted, and mommy brain kept my creativity at bay.  I was reliant upon chain or department store photographers to document the incredibly rapid changes in my daughter's first years.  None of them satisfied me - poses were stiff, fake, rushed, cheesy smiles, the poses were straight out of a book.  I was fortunate to find one lady that allowed me to direct some of the sessions, but she wasn't always available, and the consistency between people was lacking. The chain stores just weren't giving me portraits that I LOVED.  It took me some time, but I realized the only way I'd be happy was if I captured my daughter myself.  I could be creative, take my time, change outfits, have a snack, and catch a candid giggle.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the chain stores and me is that I photograph with love.  It's hard to avoid the cliche there, but capturing the love between a mother and her son going off to college, or the daddy and his daughter laughing at a private joke just makes my heart soar.  Those were the images I so desired with my child and it gives me goosebumps to know that I'm able to do that for my clients. 

I received a text from a newborn client, three years after their session.  The mom told me she'd just looked back through their portraits and she cried.  Her daughter had been born premature, and she felt like she'd failed her daughter - but looking back at her, so new and so fragile, she realized what a beautiful and wonderful gift that little girl really was.  She thanked me for giving her the opportunity to see that, even years later.  And *that* is why I love what I do.  It's that personal to me.

When you choose Limitless Photography, LLC, 
You choose art, not just a snapshot.  I listen to your desires for the session and we take our time to ensure we've met that goal.  I hand edit every image and often include a few of the goofy outtakes because sometimes those are the best moments.  I offer digital files, heirloom quality prints, and products from two of the top professional photo labs in the country.

I want you to love your portraiture and display it with pride on your walls for years to come!